Huntley Bank Robbers Teens from DeKalb County

A couple of teenage boys were arrested late last week for robbing the Castle Bank in Huntley on March 10th.

Seems a bit strange that they would be from Hinkley, which is straight down Route 47 and west on Route 30 in DeKalb County south of the City of DeKalb.

It’s a long way to go to rob a bank.

About 30 miles.

Matthew Reno is identified as 18 and Justin Fasel as 17 by Daily Herald reporter Lee Filas.

They are being held in McHenry County Jail unable to raise the $40,000 apiece it would take to meet the $400,000 bail that has been set.

The same two are charged with trying to rob the First Midwest Bank in Union on March 23rd.

β€œThe big break came, (Huntley Police Chief John Perkins) said, when FBI agents in Chicago received a tip and forwarded it to Huntley officers.”

The article adds, β€œ

He would not disclose what the tip was that led to the arrests.”

I don’t know if these two would fit any of the categories listed below by Stop Prisoner Rape, but if they do and are convicted, they are in for a world of hurt in the Illinois Department of Corrections…when preventing rape in prison is not a high priority…if one at all:

“inmates who are

  • small,
  • young,
  • non-violent,
  • mentally ill,
  • gay or
  • transgender,
  • in prison for the first time, and/or
  • lacking a gang affiliation

are particularly vulnerable to being abused while incarcerated. Detainees who have been sexually assaulted in the past are also identified as likely victims of further abuse.”

That’s pretty much what I concluded when I served on the Illinois House Prison Reform Committee.

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