Barack Obama “Sin of Omission” – Part 6

This “Sin of Omission” keeps popping up. The latest place was again in a John Kass column.

It was his second reference to the comparison of Sarah Palin’s fighting corruption and Barack Obama’s, well, been an Illinois non-combatant.

It’s one he wrote about Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin the Tribune columnist compares her to Joan of Arc (a woman with no experience in the great city of light).

To conclude his column, he reminds readers of challenger of the “established order” Joan of Arc’s fate:

“Unfortunately, the French handed Joan over to the English, and she was burned. I don’t think we know yet what happens to Sarah.”

But also in the column was the following concerning Barack Obama’s refusal to confront political corruption in his own Illinois and Chicago Democratic Party:

“She also poses the greatest threat yet to the Obama reform narrative.

“The cynical epic has become the establishment media bedtime story, with Obama as the young King Arthur riding forth to promise change.

“In this, the Washington Beltway media colony has been his eager Merlin, hoping to guide him, cleaving desperately to the theme that he’s some kind of reformer, even though Obama is a politician backed by Chicago’s Daley machine and never once challenged the political corruption in Chicago and Illinois.

“Not ever.

“The contrast with Palin—who actually went after the Republican Party bosses in Alaska on the corruption issue—is profound and challenging for the Obama-friendly media that willfully ignore his lack of leadership on the reform front, yet are consumed to find out if Palin has an overdue library book.”

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