How To Deter Corruption in Illinois’ Political Class

It seems that Michigan has figure it out.

I’m not sure is was deliberate, but prosecuting Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in state court will work to deter future corruption in local government.


The Detroit mayor will have to serve his time in state prison.

If Michigan’s state facilities are as dismal as those in Illinois, that could a real crimp in Michigan’s political crime.

In Illinois, of course, political crooks know the Cook County State’s Attorney will not be the one prosecuting them.

So, no hard time, even if convicted.

The worst time was served by George Ryan’s top assistant, Scott Fawell, in the Dakotas. And the worst part of that was the round-about trip back to Chicago.

Most can expect to go to Oxford, up near the Wisconsin Dells.

That cannot be as much of a deterrent than any of the prisons in the Department of Corrections.

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The article you see is from Elgin’s Courier News of last Friday.

The photo of Denny’s is from the Wisconsin Dells. Click to enlarge either image.

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