Oh My, Falling Tax Revenues – What To Do?

The “sky is falling” mentality has not taken hold on the McHenry County Board yet, it seems.

The Daily Herald’s Chuck Keeshan first reported that McHenry County revenues will be $4 million short of expectations.

Displaying a “We feel your pain” approach is the Kane County Board Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay “suggested elected leaders forfeit pay hike.”

McConnaughay’s Democratic Party opponent Sandy Kaczmarski said the same thing in May, an Elgin Courier News article by Steve Lord reported. Thursday.

“Why didn’t she say something then?” the Democrat asked.

Think anything like this will happen in McHenry County?

Before you gasp at my question, remember that the Illinois General Assembly voted not to take a pay raise, even though Senate President Emil Jones wanted it in the very worst way.

Here’s what each county board member was paid last year:

$18,601.70, plus widely varying fringe benefit costs.

County board salaries are tied to the local Consumer Price Index through August, which has not yet been released. However, July’s is public. It showed an increase of 5.8% over a year ago.

So, county board members can expect almost a 6% increase in their salary compensation next year to a total of about $19,700.

The county board chairman was paid $74,406, the vice chairman $23,602.

The county board chairman was paid $74,406, the vice chairman $23,602. The county board chairman can expect to take down just under $79,000 next year.

The salary of all county officials, up for election this year (but state’s attorney (which is set by state law) $89,530.

Here are the scheduled increases for countywide officials up for election this fall:

McHenry County Auditor, Coroner,
Circuit Clerk, Recorder of Deeds

For the year 2009……………………..$93,111
For the year 2010……………………..$96,836
For the year 2011……………………$100,709
For the year 2012……………………$104,737

Fringe Benefits:

Elected Officials may choose to participate in any or all of the benefit programs made available, now or in the future, to all County employees including, but not limited to medical, dental and optical plans subject to the same rates, benefit levels, rules and regulations established for all County employees.

The salary of the State’s Attorney is set by state law. This year it is $160,412. The expected salary for the States Attorney next year is $166,507.


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  1. McConnaughay only offered not to take a raise because both of her opponents offered first.

    She took almost a half a million in one election cycle to get elected.

    She seems pretty weak without the big money from vendors.

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