Scott Summers Gets First Media Endorsement

Sunday Green Party candidate for Congress Scott Summers got what was probably his first endorsement from a member of the media:

Scott Summers For Congress

Or would the Freeport blogger who writes “The Stephenson Blumdoggle

“ be insulted to be labeled a “member of the media.’”

As I understand it, the Freeport blog is named after Stephenson County Board Chairman John Blum.

The pseudonym of the blogger is “Tutty Baker.”

“I am the founder of Freeport Illinois and have been dead for more than a century but still roam the Pecatonica River Valley in an effort to keep local politicos on the up and up.”

The man who started the blog wanted to emphasize his displeasure with a particular boondoggle being promoted by Chairman Blum.

Hence, the blog’s name:

The Stephenson Blumdoggle.

The popularity of this engine of criticism has apparently brought the word “Blumdoggle” into the local vocabulary. Ridicule is not a good sign for a politician.

The boondoggle in question is something called “Mill Race Crossing.”

It’s an industrial park.

Here’s how the endorsement story describes the project:

“There are no projects slated for Mill Race Crossing. No viable plan to bring water and sewer to Mill Race Crossing, and there is no way for the public to recoup the money that Manzullo and other public officials have squandered on this Big Blumdoggle.”

So, how does this connect to the congressional race?

“Manzullo claims to be a fiscal conservative (as all Republican do) but a brief look at the record proves otherwise. Manzullo secured more than $1.7 million of taxpayer money for Mill Race Crossing. Manzullo stood in the middle of cornfield two years ago at the Mill Race groundbreaking and talked about how this project would create 2,000 jobs.

“Where are the jobs at Don Manzullo?

“Manzullo must be smoking from the same pipe as Stephenson County Board Chairman John Blum.”

The blogger considers Manzullo “pork barreller.”

“…ole Tutty also thinks Scott Summers would be a logical choice. Lord knows there is little discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats and Tutty believes it’s time to consider alternatives to the two major parties.

“Where have the Republicans and Democrats really gotten anybody?”

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The first post, found at the bottom, was from April 2nd of this year.

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