Should Catholics Close Their Schools to Get State Aid?

I see “Cardinal Mundeline” commenting on Dan Johnson-Weinberger’s Illinoize post entitled,

Our common purpose: Meeks, black students and New Trier education

suggests this action by the Chicago Catholic Schools:

“Maybe the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago should close down for the 1st week of school and enroll all their students in the Chicago Public School System and see how much money they save the taxpayers.

“The Private schools save tax money and stop overcrowding. They also provide a good quality education for less money than the per pupil amount at New Trier.”

I don’t know about Cardinal George, but when I made that suggestion Rockford’s Bishop Thomas Doran while visiting him with the Heartland Institute’s Joe Bast, I didn’t get the answer that would have put pressure on state legislators to subsidize private schools.

While watching Channel 5’s coverage of the story, there was an interview of a high school student. Wise beyond his years, he suggested that the money should be allocated to each child.

I think his words were, “The money should follow the child.”

That sounds so very much like what Bast and I were promoting in Rockford in the 1990’s.

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