My "Lipstick on Pig" Story

The day after Barack Obama used the phrase “Lipstick on a Pig,” three liberal writers for the Chicago Sun-Times covered the subject. Two jumped to his defense.

I can’t remember the time when

columnist Mark Brown and

columnist Neil Steinberg

wrote about the same topic with pretty much the same twist.

Political writer Lynn Sweet wrote a balanced news story.

First in the paper was Mark Brown.

Palin cornered the market on lipstick

He advises the Obama campaign to “leave her alone.”

Next was Lynn Sweet’s

Lipstick flap leaves McCain sitting pretty

“What Obama knew or should have known was that Palin has appropriated as a signature expression the word ‘lipstick…’

“Obama had his political radar turned off on this one when it should have been on.”

On the facing page was Richard Roeper’s column:

McCain outrage fake, but Obama knows better

So, if a party’s candidate is not swift enough to figure out that some women might take offense at his intimating that the opposite party’s good looking female vice presidential candidate was a pig, is he up to being president?

That’s a pretty big lapse in judgment, it seems to me.

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Thanks to Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter for putting lipstick on one of my pig pictures. You can get a closer look at the pig with lipstick by clicking on its touched up photograph.

If you want to eat some good pig, although probably without lipstick, Crystal Lake’s Second Chance House is holding a pig roast at the Dole Mansion from 1-5 Sunday. $10 for those 12 and over; free for those younger.

And, an update on the pig parts shown on poster:

Thanks for the continued interest in our charity.

I was going to attempt to cook the pig again this year (sans Italian sausage) but the Board of Directors felt that my energy would be of better use by networking with the attendees!

At least that’s what they told me.

I think it might have been just a nice way of telling me they were afraid of me burning the Last Chance House down.

So they’ve decided to have the pig roasted by professionals this time!

The picture you saw on the flyer was just something our web coordinator got off the web. Hope to see you at the Dole Mansion on Sunday. I think we’ll be inside if it rains.

Gerry Winkelman


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  1. Lack of judgment? Republican memories are so short. Here’s your guy saying the same thing, but it’s about Hillary Clinton. I guess it’s ok if you’re a Republican, or it shows the kind of leadership this country needs (sad)…

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