Sales Tax for Schools Shelved in Lake County…For Now

I hadn’t noticed that some Lake County schools were trying to get permission for more tax dollars through the imposition of at one percentage point countywide sales tax.

First, congratulations to Chicago Tribune reporter Tara Malone for not reporting that it was a “one percent” sales tax increase.

Too many reporters don’t know the difference between a percent and a percentage point.

McHenry County Blog reported on this new tax hike opportunity way back in January. I wish I could tell you I discovered it myself. It was an alert reader who told me about this threat.

The story says that only voters in Downstate Williamson County has approved the new sales tax.

The bad news for Lake County taxpayers?

The proposal is likely to be resurrected in 2009. The voter turnout will be lower then, don’t you know?

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