With everything over but the approval vote of the Huntley District 158 School Board on Monday night, I think it is appropriate to give respect to the union negotiators who convinced school board members to approve the generous 3-year contract.

When combined with what the Huntley Education Association union accomplished in the past, as is seen below in an article published this week in The Champion News, you get an idea why I think their button, which you see here, is appropriate:

Huntley CSD 158

Average Pay Increases and Estimated Pensions

The following charts measure pay increases, not decreases. They answer a simple question: “For those full time employees who received more money from the first year to the last within a time frame, what is the average pay increase?” The salary data used comes directly from the Illinois State Board of Education.

Our pension calculation is based upon what’s possible when an individual is at least 55 years old with 34 years of service. Those with less than 34 years who continue to work will, in most cases, have higher pensions than those calculated. Those members who retire with less than 34 years may have lower pensions than those calculated. For information on the Teachers’ Retirement System in Illinois click here.

We encourage you to click on the percentages below to see the full list and the actual dollar amounts. How do they compare to your own pay increases and pension?

Average One-Year Pay Increase: Teachers Administrators Inflation

(CPI) [seen to the right]

1998/1999 – 1999/2000 10.8% 5.3% 3.4%

1999/2000 – 2000/2001 7.7% 13.7% 1.6%

2000/2001 – 2001/2002 8.5% 16.5% 2.4%

2001/2002 – 2002/2003 10.6% 9.5% 1.9%

2002/2003 – 2003/2004 14.2% 8.9% 3.3%

2003/2004 – 2004/2005 8.0% 4.3% 3.4%

Average Three-Year Pay Increase

AND Estimated Pensions: Teachers Administrators Inflation

(CPI) [seen to the right]

1999/2000 – 2002/2003 26.5% 30.1% 5.9%

2000/2001 – 2003/2004 37.1% 35.2% 7.6%

2001/2002 – 2004/2005 33.7% 21.5% 8.6%

According to the Social Security Administration, the average Social Security check for retired Illinoisans is $1,000 per month, $12,000 per year.

To learn more about teacher pay, click here. To learn more about teacher pensions and other benefits, click here.

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