AFL-CIO Endorses Bill Gentes for State Senate

No big surprise here, but it’s worth a press release from Round Lake Mayor Bill Gentes in his campaign for state senate against Republican Dan Duffy:
AFL-CIO Endorses Gentes

The Illinois AFL-CIO represents a rich and diverse group of 1,500 local unions across the state which amounts to one million union men and women in Illinois. The AFL-CIO has a long history of fighting for the rights of working men and women and constantly works for strong labor laws in Springfield.

The AFL-CIO cited Mayor Gentes support of issues benefiting working families as the central reason for its endorsement of his campaign.

In response to this key endorsement, Mayor Gentes issued the following statement:

“The AFL-CIO has worked tirelessly on behalf of working families in Illinois and I am extremely grateful for their support. I look forward to continuing this great tradition in Springfield.

“With working families hit the hardest by the current economic downturn, it is crucial, now more than ever, that Illinois workers receive the support they need from their representatives in Springfield. Illinois workers cannot afford representatives who will support big business interests over the working men and women who are the backbone of our economy. I have the experience and knowledge to give Illinois workers the support they need as they continue to work hard to support their families and our state.

“Republicans have consistently shown that they have no interest in the rights of working families in Illinois. I will not allow Republicans to place Illinois workers on the chopping block when economic struggles continue to plague working families. I will ensure that workers in the 26th district are provided with the tools they need to help put our economy back on track.”

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