Meliss Bean Ciriticized for Playing Partisan Politics on Recovery Plan

8th District Republican challenger to Congresswoman Melissa Bean Steve Greenberg has issued the following press release, which includes how much campaign money Bean took from the finance industry on whose regulatory committee she sits:

Bean Plays Partisan Politics,
Blames McCain for Delay in Recovery Plan

The economic recovery plan stalled on Thursday, and Democrat Melissa Bean placed the blame directly on Senator John McCain while obviously stumping for her preferred presidential candidate.

However, if Melissa Bean wants to play the blame game, small business owner and candidate for Congress Steve Greenberg is more than willing.

“Melissa Bean touts her service on the House Financial Services Committee, yet she is very quick to place the blame elsewhere for our current situation,” said Greenberg. “If anyone wonders what Melissa Bean was doing while our nation was spiraling towards financial crisis, they need look no further than the $801,000 she has collected from the very sector she was supposed to be regulating. While she was collecting rather than regulating, our economy was stumbling. Now we are faced with a full-blown crisis.”

Greenberg continued, “The economic recovery plan needs to be enacted immediately in a bipartisan manner, yet Melissa Bean would rather campaign for her presidential candidate. The American people are hurting and the economy is failing—now is not the time for our Representatives to be playing politics.”



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