Jack Schaffer Still Chairman of Cary Area Citizens for Responsible Government

The anti-incumbent political action committee in Cary during the last village election was called the Cary Area Citizens for Responsible Government. Former State Senator Jack Schaffer was and continues to be its chairman.

Of the slate supported – Raymond Chisholm, Jean Friedline, Robert Bragg and David Henry – Chisholm was elected.

$4,000 was spent on the 2007 campaign.

Unlike lots of village election committees, this one did not disappear after the election.

It’s address is Sketch Book Reality on Route 14.

Mike Rein is the committee’s treasurer.

The committee has only $142 in the bank, but filing for village office starts next month, as Cary Grade School District school board member explains here.

I wonder if any of the gravel pit opponents will be angry enough to run for village board. Their web site, Stop the Quarry in Cary, is still up.

Or will they turn out to have been “Meteors?”

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