Abortion Supporting Personal PAC & Planned Parenthood Endorse Bill Gentes for State Senate

No surprise here.

Personal PAC, the most radical pro-abortion political action committee in Illinois has decided to try to to take over another suburban Chicago Republican district.

Joining in the endorsement is Planned Parenthood.

The latest target is apparently pro-lifer Bill Peterson’s district. Peterson is retiring after serving in the General Assembly since his first election in 1982. Running as a Republican is Dan Duffy.

Gentes’ press release follows:

Personal PAC & Planned Parenthood Endorse Gentes

Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood Chicago Action both pledged support for Mayor Gentes in the race for Illinois’ 26th district. Each group has a long history of backing pro-choice candidates on the state and national level.

In announcing its endorsement of Mayor Gentes, Steve Trombley, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Chicago Action said,

“Bill Gentes will fight hard for positive gains in women’s health care…”

In response to this endorsement Mayor Gentes issued the following statement:

“I am grateful for the endorsements of Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood Chicago Action. These groups recognize that I will fight to keep abortion safe and legal for the citizens of Illinois.

Throughout my years in public office I maintained my pro-choice beliefs because I believe the women of Illinois should not have to worry about politicians in Springfield telling them how to run their lives.

Illinois lawmakers cannot allow anti-abortion forces to stand in the way of smart and safe pro-choice legislation. We cannot allow personal ideologies to get in the way of the rights of women in Illinois.”

In the photo with Bill Gentes on the left is Dan Giallombardo.

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