Harvard School Tax Hike Committee Gears Up

Citizens Caring For Kids, the Harvard School District tax hike committee, didn’t fold its tent after the last failed referendum.

Julie Lehmann is now its chairwoman and Karen Kruckenberg is treasurer.

How much money does the committee, formed in 2004 have?

We really don’t know, because Illinois campaign disclosure laws don’t require timely reporting.

But, as of July 1st, there was $1,765.67 in the bank.

One thing is for sure.

This is no grass roots movement…at least as far as campaign contributions that showed up in the first half of the year.

No $20 checks.

Two bankers made contributions:

  • $1,000 from Roger Lehman, President of the Harvard State Bank and
  • $500 from Vern Sisson of the Harvard Castle Bank.

Two citizens contributed:

  • Deb Szczap – $150
  • Lee Meyers – $100

I imagine there has been fund raising since the beginning of July.

About $6,000 was spent in the 2004 campaign counting in-kind contributions.

Northwest Herald reporter Tim Kane wrote an article about other aspects of the tax hike effort.

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The photo is of Harvard Junior High School, which was rented to the Mexican Consulate.

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