Jack Franks Old Campaign Manager Signs on to Con-Con Opposition

Why did I think of Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” comic strip when I read that State Rep. Jack Franks’ former campaign manager Mike Noonan is signing up to fight the call for a constitutional convention?

Franks is chairing the Con-Con Yes political action committee.

I wonder who is the good guy.

Cook County Assessor Jim Houlihan is saying he will kick in some money to the proponents.


According to Crane’s,

“Houlihan said he’ll urge a ‘yes’ vote on con-con because of the failure of lawmakers to deal with what he considers to be a flawed taxation and school-funding system.”

Does anyone but me hear that great vacuum cleaner in Chicago and Downstate getting ready to suck income tax dollars out of McHenry and the other collar counties?

I’m sure that would please members of the school tax hike committees, which really don’t care where extra money comes from, even if they themselves have to pay more than they do now.

Of course, they probably haven’t figured out that when they advocate a hike in state income taxes to make it unnecessary to run real campaigns to convince their neighbors to raise their property taxes, success will cost them and their neighbors more.

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