CL Park District Tax Hike Alert

Unless it might have be interesting to attend the Crystal Lake Park District meeting tonight.

So much competition from baseball and vice presidential debates make it unlikely many will be there.

Fortunately, Northwest Herald reporter Jim Butts offers a preview in an article today.

“Referendum is our last option,” Board President Mike Zellman told Butts.

But, it certainly sounds as if the board is looking at that option.

They’re talking about buying more land with a cost pegged at $8 million. I’d have thought somewhere in the current vast real estate holdings there might be a suitable site.

Woodscreek Park, for instance, at Golf Course and Ackman is 40 acres. I helped build the Crystal Castle there. Still lots of available land.

Anyway, if you one of the two or three people in Crystal Lake not interested in national politics or baseball, you might want to attend the meeting at 7:30 tonight.

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