Term Limits for Legislative Leaders

That, plus computerized redistricting of legislative seats are the main suggestions of Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller in his latest syndicated newspaper column.

Term limits for legislative leaders.

Where have I heard that before? (See third issue link on the left.)

Oh, I know, I espoused the idea when I ran for governor as a Libertarian in 2002.

Here’s what I pulled up from the Library of Congress archived web site:

Where does Cal Skinner stand on term limits?

Professional politicians are running our country and our state into the ground. They spend most of their time scheming to get re-elected. Then they pass porkbarrel legislation to please their biggest donors, to keep the donations rolling in.

And guess what keeps this corrupt system going? Your tax dollar.

The problem is especially bad in Illinois, where four legislative leaders — the House Speaker, the Senate President, and the House and Senate minority leaders — dictate nearly the entire legislative agenda. The founders of our country never meant for so much power to be in the hands of so few elected officials.

The solution?

Six-year term limits for legislative leaders. Don’t give career politicians like Michael Madigan and Pate Philip time to build political empires that allow their power to go unchecked. Bring back the era of the citizen-politician, when the average citizen took an active role in governing his community.

Cal Skinner and the Libertarian Party support term limits as a sensible means of restoring order to the out-of-control power and money system at the highest levels of our government.

Well, infusing new ideas into the body politic is the primary role of third parties, isn’t it?

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