Shepley Not Stepping Forward Saying He’ll Find Money for CL Park District Community Center

As I remember it, Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley took the leadership on obtaining a community center. Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but I remember his saying that he would find the money to build it. Others do, too.

Maybe that was just a press opportunity.

I learned at one park meeting I attended that the commissioners were waiting for follow-through on Shepley’s part.

When the Crystal Lake city sales tax was raised 75% under his leadership, $3 million were said to be for a senior center.

Just a glassful of dollars in the park district’s $50 million bucket.

A far cry even from the $8 million being touted to buy the land and what appears to be $42 million more to build the facility.

I wonder if the cost of gas to drive my son to and from swim practice at McHenry West High School would exceed the annual property tax increase.

The Northwest Herald noted the tough times in a recent editorial and suggests voter approval of a referendum would be “an uphill battle.”

Even with Swim Dad Shepley’s support.

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