County Board Calls Emergency Meeting on Towing Reversal

Anchor Towing’s Dan Hunt made more public comments at today’s McHenry County Board meeting.

He again urged reconsideration of the towing regulation ordinance passed in February.

After Hunt’s talk, in new and unfinished business, board member John Hammerand made a motion to opt out of the ICC regulation of towing.

Sandra Salgado seconded the motion. There was even someone else who tried to “third it,” at least that was what was heard through an open mike.

Jamie Rein of the state’s attorney’s office, advised the board members that they could not take such action without its being on the board’s agenda.

Then discussion moved to whether to hold a special meeting to consider repeal of the ordinance.

Lively discussion followed, with ordinance author Nick Provenzano defending his proposal.

After most of the discussion, Board Chairman Ken Koehler asked for a show of hands of those who would be willing to remove Illinois Commerce Commission oversight over towing, at least until the legislature could revise the law.

A vast majority raised their hands.

The emergency meeting will be held Tuesday, October 14th at 11 AM.

In other news, before the county board meeting, Senator Pam Althoff, Koehler, County Administrator Pete Austin, county board member Randy Donley and someone representing the state’s attorney’s office met on the same subject.

Below, you can read what Hunt said to the McHenry County Board.

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