Gentes Releases Campaign Finances, Shares Door-to-Door Advice

The big news for 26th state senate candidate Bill Gentes, the Democratic Party mayor of Round Lake, was the $75,000 he snagged from the two leading candidates to replace Emil Jones for Illinois Senate President.

What did have to spend to pry that amount loose?

He started July with $13,870 and raised $45,552.69 before he hit the $75,000 Senate Presidency Jackpot.

In the pre-election filing, Gentes reports receiving $9,100 from Personal PAC, the radical pro-abortion campaign group. Until the Senate President hopefuls opened their checkbooks, it was Gentes biggest contributor. In addition, he just reported another $11,493.80 from Personal PAC for two mailing done by Consair Equipment & Systems of Cary. One cost $2,500; the other almost $9,000.

Despite that, local pro-life forces seem to be sitting out the state senate race.

Personal PAC probably phoned every woman in the district asking if she were pro-choice. All who said, “Yes,” can expect a mailing right before the election. Probably featuring a coat hanger.

The group also seems to have put on a fund raiser for Gentes in Chicago.

Contributions from other political action committees included in the pre-election report and since total $29,480.87 and include

$7,000 – State Sen. John Cullerton in addition to the other $50,000
$7,500 – Lake County Federation of Teachers Local 504 COPE
$5,000 – Illinois Federation of Teachers
$4,631.49 – Actblue Illinois
$3,000 – Illinois Trial Lawyers Assn PAC
$2,500 – Friends of AJ Wilhelmi, Joliet
$1,000 – SEIU Local 73 Bi-Partisan PAC
$1,000 – Friends of Dave Koehler, Peoria
$500 – Citizens for Gregory Harris (Chicago)
$500 – Construction and General Laborers’ District Council PAEL
$500 – IBEW Local 150 Committee for Responsible Government
$500 – Illinois State AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education
$300 – Heat and Frost Insulators Pac Fund
$250 – Iron Workers Local 63 Pol Action Lg

Of minor interest is that ActBlue Illinois appears to skim 3.75% off the top of each contribution.

Contributions listed from individuals on the state report really mean individuals and business who don’t give through a political action committee. Gentes received $5,250 from such sources. They follow:

$750 – Magee Negele & Associates P.C. Of Round Lake
$500 – Fred Abdulia of Waukegan
$500 – Ancel Glink Diamond Bush DiCianni & Krafthefer P.C. (municipal attorneys)
$500 – Berger Excavating Contractors Inc. of Wauconda
$500- Blue Star Energy Services of Chicago
$500 – Alan Valentin of Johnsburg
$250 – AFV Management of Round Lake Beach
$250 – Humana of Louisville, KY
$250 – Law Offices of 12-05 Albert R. Pino of McHenry
$250 – Sanford Stein of Chicago
$200 – Campanella & Sons Inc. of Wadsworth
$200 – Gary L. Dowty of Wauconda
$200 – Lake County Grading Company LLC of Libertyville
$200 – Raymond Majeski of Chicago
$200 – Zeigler Associates Ltd. Of Round Lake

An addition $1,703 came from contributors who remain unidentified because they were each under $150.

Not only has Gentes released information about his fund raising, but he has also sent advice on going door-to-door:
Five Rules for walking doors!

1. Walk the hilly precincts early in the process.
2. Wear sun screen.
3. Step back from the door when the dog charges.
4. Step further back if the screen door appears flimsy.
5. Take a map.

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