Duffy Gets Tribune Endorsement for State Senate

Endorsements by newspapers don’t mean a whole lot.

They never did by themselves.

They were obtained value when reprinted and redistributed.

But now with fewer and fewer people reading a paper version and the Tribune’s editorial page being hidden not at the back of the first section, but Thursday at the back of the second section, even those who subscribe have a hard time finding the editorial page.

And, for those reading newspapers on the internet, the editorial page probably is not a primary goal for readers.

But, when I found the Tribune’s editorial page yesterday, there were Chicago-area state senate endorsements.

The only one of interest locally was in the hotly-contested 26th state senate district. The 26th has 18% of McHenry County voters. They are located north of Crystal Lake running into part of McHenry and points east into Lake and Cook Counties.

The Chicago Tribune endorse Republican Dan Duffy over Democrat Bill Gentes.

Here’s the editorial board’s reasoning:

“…Duffy is a smart, solid guy who has excellent real-world experience. He is troubled by the state’s anti-business climate and wants to hold the line on taxes. Gentes has been a successful mayor, but he’s given voters a reason not to trust him. He said he was on a leave of absence from his job—but later admitted he had been fired. Duffy is endorsed.”

This endorsement means something because Duffy has the money to spread it around to prospective constituents.

And money he got aplenty from the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee:

  • $49,268 as an out and out contribution
  • $23,515 for Targeted Creative Communications, Inc.
  • $11,022 for media production
  • $4,500 for a poll
  • $3,366 for phone calling

$5,000 also came from Health Care Council of Illinois Political(Action Committee, I guess), $3,000 from the Manufacturers Political Action Committee, $1,000 from Libertyville’s Aldridge Electric Inc., the Underground Contractors Association and utility Ameren with a Springfield address.

Meanwhile, Bill Gentes reported $1,541.31 being received for salary of staffer Bryan Johnson, out of Springfield, $5,000 from Illinois PAC for Education (PACE) and $500 from the Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor AFL-CIO Political Action Fund.

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