Republican Randy White Campaigns for Lt.. Governor in Crystal Lake

I first me Hancock County Pastor Randy White at the Republican State Convention in Decatur.

I meant to write a story earlier about his candidacy for lieutenant governor, but time just has a way of being eaten up.

Monday night I received a call telling me that White would be in Crystal Lake talking to seniors on Tuesday.

The only place I have been with seniors—and it was way back in the late 1990’s—was at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Park Place, the old American Legion Hall.

So I drove over and found two tables of women playing what I think was Mah Jong. Anyway there seemed to be plastic tiles.

No Randy White there.

When I mentioned to the staff person that all I had been told was to look for Joe, she told me he was down at Senior Services in the building next to the fire station.

I drove down Woodstock Street and saw his vehicle in the parking lot across the street where the Crystal Lake Police Station used to be.

When I entered the old factory, I found a huge, and I mean huge room.

In the far southeast corner was White sitting at a table talking to local seniors.

I took a couple of photos, heard him say that he would be available 24-7, if elected lieutenant governor, mentioning the rural affairs mandate that the office has and, in answer to a question regarding whether he didn’t have too much on his plate being a minister and serving on not-for-profit boards, he replied that he was no longer a pastor and would resign from all boards when elected.

White was speaking to a Senior Forum, which it appears is held once a month.

I wish I could have stayed, but I had to put signs up against the Bull Valley annexation referendum.

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All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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