Whistle Blower Ken Conner Says Obamas’ Mansion Appraisal Should Be Revealed

On October 18th I found a story about a whistle blower charging funny business by the bank that gave Mrs. Tony Rezko a mortgage on the lot next to Senator Barack Obama’s mansion.

The source of the story was a wrongful termination suit by former Mutual Bank employee Kenneth J. Conner.

The strange thing is that it didn’t make the print edition of either of the Chicago newspapers, even though the suit revealed–for the first time–the delivery of a subpoena to Mutual Bank about the deal.

Conner reveals for the first time in his press release below that he has met with the FBI.

Conner has just sent out the following press release, which I have pleased to be able to share with you:

Obama called on to release Mansion Appraisal

Barack Obama’s house appraisal is absent among the hundreds of pages of “house” and “strip” document PDFs disclosed via the Obama website since the summer, suggesting a desire of Barack Obama to hide the appraisal’s contents from American voters, the US Senate Select Committee on Ethics, investigative journalists, and/or criminal investigators.

Obama’s purchase transpired on the same day Rita Rezko, wife of multiple felon Tony Rezko, bought land next door to the Obama mansion from a common seller.

Kenneth J. Conner (see Kenneth J. Conner v Mutual Bank) determined the Rezko land to be worth $500,000 at most, rather than a refuted appraisal figure and asking price of $625,000.

Rezko paid asking price of $625,000.

Obama purchased the adjacent mansion for $300,000 below asking price.

Widespread public assessment continues as to whether Barack H. Obama received a gift, payoff, bribe, or kickback from Tony Rezko by way of the Greenwood Avenue, Chicago real estate deals.

Mr. Conner has met with FBI agents interested in whether the Greenwood deals accomplished such an arrangement. Mr. Conner told the FBI and continues to believe that, unless Rezko and Obama overpaid in aggregate—which seems unlikely—Barack Obama did apparently receive a gift [he also used stronger words which I am omitting] amounting to $125,000.

Release of the full Obama house appraisal is needed for Mr. Conner’s wrongful termination suit.

Mr. Conner issues this communication in order to induce public pressure on Barack Obama to release the appraisal before he may assume the Powers of the President of the United States.

Kenneth J. Conner, real estate analyst, may be contacted at 630/947-4727.

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