Bill Gentes Reacts to Loss with Humor

Here’s the good-natured reaction of Bill Gentes, who lost the 26th state senate district race to Dan Duffy:

As you may or may not heard, I lost the election last night quite soundly! I ended up with 39% of the vote, which was surprising however its nearly the exact same result as 4 years ago when this seat was last contested so maybe I should not be that surprised.

I was gratified to see that I carried the Round Lake area precincts quite handily with roughly 57% of the vote, so it does take away some of the sting, that the people who know me best, thought that much of me!

Over the months on this campaign I have met and befriended so many wonderful people who have supported me and been there for me when I needed it, that I am truly richer for the experience!

Thanks to all of you!


This was a major loss for the pro-abortion Personal PAC.

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