Algonquin Township Republicans Favor Primary Over Caucus

Polled by Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Chairwoman Karla Dobbeck, an overwhelming percentage of those who replied opted for a primary election over a party caucus.

Last weekend, I outlined why Algonquin Township’s Republicans decided to hold a primary election over twenty years ago in these two articles:

To Let People Vote in Township Primaries or Not – Part 1

To Let People Vote in Township Primaries or Not – Part 2

Friday, I explored potential consequences of the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee’s apparent desire to hold a party caucus, rather than hold a primary election.

A comment under that Grafton Township caucus article from “Truth Seeker” says,

“A caucus is a perfectly legitimate way for political parties to nominate their candidates. Anyone is free to file petitions and run as an Independent. It is at the election itself that anyone can vote for the candidate of their choice.

“Why should the entire county pay for the primary election needed in a township to only nominate the candidates of one political party? Primary elections that have notoriously low turnouts but very high costs to take care of what is essentially a piece of party business.”

The reason is to take away the argument from the Democrats that the Republicans are just a bunch of good ol’ boys making all their decisions in secret.

If I were a Democratic Party strategist in Grafton Township and you were a caucus-nominated Republican candidate for township office, Mr. Truth Seeker, the heat from my candidate’s campaign would be hot enough to make you wonder if you would win re-election.

And, of course, there is nothing to stop the Democrats from holding a primary election also. That would be a way for them to publicize their candidates.

In fact, taken to the extreme, Truth Seekers’ advice would not have allowed spring primary challengers to incumbent Republican courthouse office holders to have a primary election. Just the insiders would have had a say.

Suitable for Chicago-style politicians, perhaps, but not for McHenry County Republicans.

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