Grafton Township Republicans Decide to Hold Primary Election

Looks like I was wrong.

The Grafton Township Republican office holders have decided to seek re-nomination in a primary election, rather than in a township caucus, as I thought after reading a couple of emails announcing the central committee meeting.

This is the first time Grafton Township will have had a township primary election.

I think it is a wise decision, even if it does make the incumbents nervous.

In the political landscape that is Grafton Township the incumbents would have put themselves at unnecessary risk by having themselves re-nominated in a party caucus.

A smart Democratic Party operative could have crafted campaign literature that would have painted the GOP incumbents as part of the good ol’ boys they attacked in the fall general election campaign.

And don’t think I’m making this up.

Take a look at how the Democrats used the “Good Old Boy” refrain in their McHenry County Monopoly mailing.

Now, if the Democrats decide to nominate by caucus, Republicans can go on the offensive.

Democrats can be labeled as the smoke filled back room guys and gals.

And, the Grafton Township Republican incumbents can brag about the outstanding bus service that Supervisor John Rossi has put together, the food pantry the township sponsors, the most equitable real estate assessments in McHenry County that Township Assessor Bill Ottley has consistently and verifiably made and the excellent township roads that Road Commission Jack Freund has maintained.

It’ll be tough to mount a credible campaign against the Republican incumbents, if they actively merchandise their record over the last four years.

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