Mike Tryon Talks about Illinois’ Financial Situation

Below Mike Tryon comments on the economic situation in Illinois:

The Next Step in Changing Illinois’ Dismal Economic Forecast

Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes is predicting a dismal forecast for Illinois’ economy due to the state’s $4 billion in unpaid bills. Hynes is calling it an imminent crisis and said the debt could reach $5 billion as early as March.

Those suffering because of the state’s money troubles are widespread:

  • organizations who serve the developmentally disabled,
  • substance abuse facilities,
  • state parks,
  • units of local government,
  • emergency services,
  • public schools, and
  • the list goes on.

I’ve received calls from many of them and listened to their grave financial troubles caused by the state.

There is absolutely no reason the state should be in this position with a tarnished reputation as a deadbeat state that can’t pay its bills.

For the last several years, government continued to grow and continued to add billions in new programs each year, despite the obvious shortage of cash in the state coffers.

Instead of treating taxpayer dollars like a limitless ATM machine, the state should have been cutting out wasteful government spending and passing balanced budgets.

Last year, I worked with Americans for Prosperity to craft a piece of transparency legislation that would show taxpayers how their money is being spent. The free online database named the Illinois Accountability Portal would have showcased state spending, state contracts, salaries of state employees, and other important information.

The bill passed the House unanimously but was never called for a vote in the Senate.

Holding lawmakers and state officials accountable for how taxpayer money is spent would significantly mitigate the state’s habit of racking up a ridiculous amount of debt.

Transparency is a crucial component of achieving responsible state spending.

I will continue to fight for budget reforms and transparency legislation to ensure a brighter economic outlook for our future.

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