McHenry Township Salaries

We looked at the salaries in the third largest township—Nunda—Friday.

Saturday, McHenry County Blog published the salary schedule for Algonquin Township, which now has about 100,000 population.

They, plus McHenry, Grafton and Dorr Townships have decided to hold primary elections, rather than caucuses to select Republican candidates to stand for the April general election.

I have laid out the reasons why people want to run for public office.

One of them is money.

With that in mind, salaries next year in McHenry Township are presented below:

  • Supervisor – $68,677
  • Highway Commissioner – $76,179
  • Assessor – $67,677
  • Clerk – $13,009
  • Trustees – $100 per meeting

Salaries for all but the trustees will increase 2% in 2010, 2.25% in 2011 and 2.5% in 2012.

In addition, the supervisor, highway commissioner and assessor receive the

“same health insurance, life insurance, IMFR retirement fund, etc. as all other full time employees (including employee paid premiums),”

the resolution that Township Supervisor Donna Schaefer sent me says.

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