Dorr Township Salaries for the Next Four Years

Townships are truly the forgotten layer of local government.

They are rarely in the news.

While I did write about the splendid machine that Greenwood Township Road Commissioner Roger May uses to apply asphalt, I can’t remember any other stories, except about the upcoming election. (More pictures of the invention at the link.)

Dorr Township is one of five townships—the first largest in McHenry County—where the Republican Party has decided to hold a primary election, instead of a party caucus.

Most of it is in Woodstock, but it contains a good bit of Bull Valley and the northeastern corner of Crystal Lake.

I think it’s a good decision to allow voters to pick who should be their candidates.

The alternative is often a small group of precinct committeemen, although the township central committee can pretty much set any rules they desire. They can made the decision themselves or allow voters to participate.

One set of rules had the precinct committeemen getting all the votes cast in his precinct’s primary, except the ones who showed up in person.

Not a lot of public participation in such a scheme.

In any event people contesting in the Dorr Township primary election will be seeking the offices of supervisor, road commissioner, assessor, clerk and four township trustees.

For those interested, salaries next year in Dorr Township appear below:

  • Supervisor – $36,454
  • Highway Commissioner – $64,604
  • Assessor – $60,777
  • Clerk – $7,907
  • Trustees – $105 per meeting

Salaries for all but the trustees will increase 3% a year over the four year term. The township pays 100% of the insurance premium for the assessor and road commissioner and 50% for the supervisor and clerk. The supervisor, assessor and road commissioner get IMRF pension contributions; the clerk and trustees do not.

And, while I don’t know the current salaries, it appears by the odd number of cents (which I have rounded up above) for all but the trustees that some percentage increase was applied to the current salaries.

If you missed my original article about why people might want to run for township office, you can find it here.

I would think township trustee would be a good place for a Young Republican to get started in elective politics.

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