How Does Another Open Space Agency Deal with Cell Towers?

Some natural questions arise once one knows the McHenry County Conservation District has a cell tower by the Prairie Path in Algonquin.

Are there more of them?

How much does the district get?

When were the deals cut with the cell phone antenna companies?

MCCD Executive Director Elizabeth Kessler provided the answers.

There is one other cellular phone tower found on MCCD property. It is in the Cary area at the Fel-Pro/RRR.

This Rawson Bridge Road property was given to the District by the Nature Conservancy. It consists of 220 acres, 75 of which contain recreational facilities, while the other 145 are dedicated as a wilderness area.

The cell tower lease came with the property. The district receives $13,392 a year.

The Algonquin cell tower company pays MCCD $22,203.72 per year. The tower is about 100 feet from the bike and hiking trail.

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