Nunda Township Lottery Determines Ballot Position for Trustee

They don’t get paid a lot, but township trustee is considered a step on the political ladder.

When Nunda Township Clerk Bridgett Provenzano made the random selection, here is what happened:

  1. Thomas Palmer, an incumbent
  2. Joni Smith, a challenger
  3. James Schlader, an incumbent who ran for county board in the GOP primary election
  4. Richard “Dick” Meyers, just appointed to take the place of Walt Romanus, who died, and a former township clerk and McHenry County Board member
  5. Lee Jennings, who sought the appointment Meyers received
  6. Kevin Sarnwick, an incumbent

Four will be nominated in the primary election to represent the Republican Party in the early April election.

No other contests exist, except for township assessor.

There incumbent Dennis Jagla will appear first will face off in the Republican Party primary election against challenger Alan Weaver, who serves as appointed assessor in Alden Township. Weaver ran as an independent last time around.

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