Republicans Miss Opportunity to Take Lead in Fight Against Corruption…Again

What can you say about Illinois House Republicans that none have filed an impeachment resolution against Governor Rod Blagojevich?

Yes, I’ve heard the argument from both Republican state senators and representatives that this is a Democratic Party problem and the Democrats should be allowed to stew in their own juices.

But, any rational person can see Democrats are going now going to get the credit for cleaning their own house.

No matter that they aren’t.

Here’s the day I would have filed an impeachment resolution, regardless of why my Republican party leader thought.

House Speaker Mike Madigan could have treated such a resolution the same way that House Speaker W. Robert (Bob) Blair did my impeachment resolution of Frank Kirk, “Chief Jerk” (Director) of the Department of Local Governmental Affairs did in 1974 while the impeachment hearings of Richard Nixon were being held.

For two years Kirk blatantly violated the law to equalize real estate assessments. It resulted in the misallocation of upwards of $100 million in State Aid to Education. I had him cold, but Blair told me that people had had enough of impeachment hearings in 1974.

This year Madigan could have ignored a spring impeachment resolution. But, he might have appointed a committee and followed advice to allow subpoenas and sworn testimony.

But, it would not have been a Democratic-controlled committee bringing forth the first impeachment resolution with all Republican members now so boldly voting in favor, as will be the case some day soon.

The best that House Republican Leader-in-Perpetuity Tom Cross can come up with was a resolution yesterday calling for a committee to investigate whether an impeachment resolution should be brought forth.

How bold of him and his Republican followers! (Sense sarcasm, please.)

When U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald treats Blagojevich as he would someone committing an ongoing crime by arresting him in his sweats, as was done yesterday at 6 AM, how would it be taking a chance to file the real thing?

Most of the whereases could be drawn straight out of the 76-page criminal complaint of FBI Agent Daniel W. Cain.

Not any heavy lifting for the resolution drafters.

They wouldn’t even have to do their own research, as I did.

Waiting until yesterday to do anything certainly is not a way for the Illinois Republican Party to win back a reputation for fighting corruption that former U.S. Attorney gave it by running for governor in 1976.

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The title’s last work is “Again.”

Think of any time that any Republican criticized Chicago Mayor Richard Daley when his minions were convicted of corruption.

The top photo shows Governor Rod and Mrs. Patti Blagojevich in happier times.

The head shot is of Tom Cross.

The picture below is of the Blagojevich home where the Governor was awakened yesterday morning with a call from FBI Agent-in-Charge Robert Grant telling him two FBI agents were waiting outside to arrest him. And, contrary to the Governor’s first instinct, it was not a joke.

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