No Contest Among Algonquin Township Republicans Yet

Eight offices are up for grabs in Algonquin Township next April–and some of them pay pretty well—but on there’s still only one candidate for each office.

The incumbents have filed petitions for all the big offices:

Dianne Klemm for Supervisor
Bob Miller for Road Commissioner
Bob Kunz for Assessor
Marc Munaretto for Clerk

For Trustee four have filed for four positions:

Linda Lance
Nels Sorensen
Lowel Cutsforth and
Mark Guerra.

The top three are incumbents; Guerra wishes to join them.

Incumbent Trustee Joe Powalowski has not filed for re-election.

If no additional candidates file there will be no township primary election in February. There was no primary four years ago for the same reason.

Petitions may be filed through next Monday.

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