Richmond-Spring Grove Kiwanis Jump Start Operation Click

Operation Click, the seat belt encouragement program that started in Crystal Lake has been extended to Richmond-Burton and Johnsburg High Schools with major help from the Richmond-Spring Grove Kiwanis Club.

Meeting in Crystal Lake at what is called an “interclub,” Rhona Flumetto explained that her club with the help of the teenage Richmond-Spring Grove Community Key Club and the Richmond-Spring Grove Chamber of Commerce had donated the money to get the program rolling in the two northeastern McHenry County high schools.

The two high schools are grouped with McHenry East and West High Schools, plus Wauconda, in a district for which the Gary Lang Auto Group.

The McHenry car dealer on Route 31 will provide a new car to one student from the five schools.

Here’s a story about the award luncheon two years ago.

Operation Click’s spark plug is Sean McGrath.

The program used to be called “Operation Cool,” but the Illinois State Police had a similar program and refused to relinquish the name.

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Ronda Flumetto can be seen explained her club’s role in Operation Click in the foreground. Club President Heather Spyra is to her left.

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