Big Jobs in Nunda Township Go Unchallenged

Filing for the five Republican township primaries in McHenry County has ended and the major Nunda Township officers have emerged unchallenged, according to Township Clerk Bridgett Provenzano.

That means Supervisor John Heisler, Road Commissioner Don Kopsell, Assessor Dennis Jagla and Clerk Provenzano can relax between now and the February 24th township primary election.

However, there does appear to be a spirited contest for township trustee in the offing.

With the death of Township Trustee Walt Romanus, the Nunda Township Board appointed former Township Clerk and McHenry County Board member Dick Meyers as his replacement last week.

Those running for township trustee follow in alphabetical order:

  • Kelvin (Lee) Jennings, who applied unsuccessfully for the Romanus vacancy
  • Dick Meyers, appointed incumbent
  • Thomas Palmer, incumbent
  • Kevin Sarnwick, incumbent
  • James Schlader, incumbent
  • Joni Smith

Four will emerge as primary winners.

Nunda Township runs north from Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake into the southern part of McHenry north of Bull Valley Road. Its western boundary goes north from the middle of Crystal Lake. The Lake County line is its eastern boundary.

Democrats could caucus in mid-January and name opposing candidates.

If so, it would be much like the state Democrats, who are now backing away from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s suggestion to hold a special election to select President-elect Barack Obama’s replacement.

Why hold an election to select the party’s candidate when an appointment is so much less dangerous?

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