My Wish Fulfillment for Rod Blagojevich

First the disclaimer.

As the Libertarian Party candidate for governor, I ran against Rod Blagojevich in 2002. I got whomped, receiving just 2% of the vote.

Democrat Blagojevich, one of whose chief fund raisers, Tony Rezko, is a Federal felon awaiting sentencing and another, Christopher Kelly, is awaiting trial on Federal tax charges, beat the Republican Party candidate Jim Ryan, whose chief fund raiser and contributor Stuart Levine is also a Federal felon for soliciting kickbacks from Mercy’s Crystal Lake hospital contractor, by more than my two percentage points, so it’s tough to direct responsibility to me for Ryan’s loss.

(Looking at that sentence’s construction, can you tell I took German?)

Both of them were chickens in the campaign. See

Jim-Rod, the Two-Headed Chicken, Comes Home to Roost

JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken Comes Home to Roost – Part 2

JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken Comes Home to Roost – Part 3

With Levine’s proven bent toward corruption, I wonder how much better Illinois governance would have been had Ryan been the 2002 victor.

But, back to what I hope Blagojevich will do.

I hope he will cut a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, agreeing to tell about all the corruption he knows.

That might perhaps appeal to him since many of those he would finger are probably quite willing to push the Governor out of office.

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