Teen Drummer

Last Sunday at the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake, participants were encouraged to text message what they were thankful for.

These messages were then projected onto two screens in front of the church.

I thought I got a photo of one thanking Zak for playing the drums in the 11 o’clock CrossRoads service, but it was too fuzzy to use.

It turns out that Zak’s last name is Eichmann.

He was part of a service in which Pastor Darneather Murph-Heath talked about Joy.

In a dramatic conclusion she walked down the center aisle wrapping her arms around her body and explained that this was like holding your joy inside.

Then, she threw her arms out wide urging parishioners to let their joy go, to let others know of their joy.

As luck would have it, that’s when I ran out of space on my camera’s memory card.

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