Irony in Algonquin Township Ballot Placement for Trustee

Algonquin Township Clerk Marc Munaretto sent me the results of the lottery for ballot position for township trustee.

Here are the results:

1.    Mark Guerra

2.    Nels Sorensen

3.    Linda Lance

4.    Lowell Cutsforth

5.    Joe Powalowski

It was a foregone conclusion that appointed incumbent Powalowski would be last because he did not file on the first day, as did the others.

That meant he did not qualify for the lottery for first place.

The irony is that newcomer Guerra drew the first spot over the three elected incumbents.

Word on the street is that pressure was put on Guerra to withdraw and now he has the best spot on the ballot.

That’s ironic.

And helpful.

I read a study in graduate school at the University of Michigan that examined ballot order. It concluded that in races of 6-7 or more, first place was worth an extra 10% with second and last place worth an extra 5%. Worst place on the ballot was next to last.

Of course, this race has only five contenders.

There is no contest for the Supervisor, Assessor, Road Commissioner and Clerk.

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