Campaign Manager Morphs into “Parent”

Of course, Cheryl Meyer was probably a parent when she was a large part of the B.E.S.T. campaign to raise Huntley School District 158’s tax rate 55 cents per $100 of assessed valuation and when she was paid to help pass Carpentersville School District 300’s tax rate 55 cents per $100 (plus the

Last week in the Northwest Herald, there was no mention of her previous political activity.

May 17, 2005, the NW Herald identified Meyer as

“chairwoman of Building Exceptional Schools Together.”

No mention of that fairly significant political connection nor Meyer’s managing of State Rep. Mike Tryon’s fall campaign was made in the article.

December 31st, Meyer was just identified as a “parent” of “three children in the district.”

No mention of her strong support of the ruling majority on the District 158 Board of Education, as certainly was evident at the school board “going away party” before new members were sworn well over a year ago.

The NW Herald reports Meyer’s thoughts:

“the district is ‘on track now’ after putting the strike behind it. But new faces on the board could make a difference during the next round of contract negotiations, she said.

“‘I think that we’ve got some personalities on our school board that added a layer of tensions to negotiations that didn’t need to be there,’ said Meyer, who has three children in the district. ‘I did feel it was a shame because in the past, this has always been a district that has had a good sense of collaboration between the board and teachers.'”

Anyone want to bet against Meyer’s being heavily involved in this April’s school board elections?


Campaign Manager Morphs into “Parent” — 2 Comments

  1. What is it with Rep. Tryon and the Huntley school’s faction? In addition to Meyers’ involvement (I believe she also is on Tryon’s paid State Rep. staff), current Huntley school board member and former president, Mike Skala also played a prominent role in Tryon’s recent campaign.

  2. OH MY GOD! A parent of children in D158 being heavily involved in the school board elections!

    Call the police! Call the FBI! (Maybe your good buddy Larry Snow can give you the name of his FBI contact)

    I only wish that more parents got involved in the school board elections, or even just got out and voted (preferable after reading less biased viewpoints than you post, Cal)

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