Island Lake Pig Farmer Victory

I didn’t have time to put together anything on my own, so I offer the following article from “What’s Happening in Island Lake?

“It’s official —Bob Wargaski won his battle against the Village of Island Lake over the well.

“According to papers and other sources, the IEPA has denied VOIL the required permit to move forward with their plans to build a well at Dowell & Darrell roads.

“The well was originally slated by the village engineers, Baxter & Woodman, to be located in a more central location, but after a developer allegedly paid the VOIL $55,000 to move the tower away from his proposed new home development, the battle between Wargaski and VOIL (Village of Island Lake) began.

“This is a huge victory for Bob Wargaski because three years ago he asked Tom Hyde not to put the Tower across from his property but according to Wargaski, Hyde said he will do what he wants, where he wants and you can’t stop me.

“And so the battle began.”

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Alongside of the links to prior articles is a December 23, 2008, letter from the Lake County Health Department that might be of interest. Click to on the pages of the letter to make the images large enough to read.

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