A Story about Political Lizards Worth Repeating

In April 2006, “The Wrong Lizard,” was posted on a blog called

Here’s the beginning, but I would encourage you to read this and see if you think it applies to Illinois politics.Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Wrong Lizard

In his science fiction spoof,

“So Long And Thanks For All The Fish,”

Douglas Adams described an alien planet as a democracy in which the people are ruled by lizards.

“The lizards rule the people, and the people hate the lizards,” we are told.

“The hero asks why, if it’s a democracy, and if the people really hate the lizards, they don’t simply vote them out of office.

“It’s explained to him that the people believe that, if they don’t vote for a lizard, then the wrong lizard will get in.”

And here’s a comment “Vern” left:


“Lizards are lizards. Every lizard is the wrong lizard. So you vote for a normal everyday person — but after associating with the lizards, most people morph into lizards. And once again, you’ve elected the wrong lizard.

“Is it any wonder that so few people actually vote?”

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