New Stop Sign on Crystal Lake Avenue at Dole

As I was driving down Dole Avenue toward McHenry West High School for my son’s swimming practice, I saw a new sign had been erected across from the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake.

That’s was after having a hard time seeing if any traffic was coming east on Crystal Lake Avenue. I had to pull slowly into the intersection to make sure it was safe to go across the street.

When we went to church Sunday, I saw it was a new stop sign.

As I drove back from Toys R Us, I got the two shots below.

First, there’s a new warning sign, complete with flags.

Next, a flashing, lighted stop sign.

The intersection has to be safer now, but those used to coming west on Crystal Lake Avenue and swinging left on Dole are going to be irritated about having to stop.

I’ve been taking that route from Downtown Crystal Lake since high school when I picked up my father from the train station. Dole Avenue had not yet been built from the Methodist Church to Woodstock Street in 1958 along the old railroad tracks.

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