Linda Moore Opens Campaign for Grafton Township Supervisor

The opening salvo of Huntley’s Linda Moore’s campaign to unseat incumbent Grafton Township Supervisor John Rossi has begun.

You can see the first post card below, (Click to enlarge.)

Moore and her running mates Gerald McMahon and Don Glogovsky put forth their qualifications on the piece.

Moore touts her

  • business experience
  • University of Illinois degree, plus
  • Being
  • – a member of the Huntley School District’s Financial Advisory Committee
    -a Republican Precinct Committeeman
    -the catalyst for the county “Care-Track” program
    -an AARP Certified Tax Preparer in 2007

    The platform includes

    • No tax increases
    • No $3.5 million bond issue without voter approval
    • Fiscal responsibility
    • Government is the people’s business, not private business
    • Count on us for straight talk

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