McHenry County College Power Elite Nominees

At the Monday-before-last meeting of the McHenry County College’s Committee of the Whole, a sheet of paper was passed out with the names of people MCC President Walt Packard suggested be approached to serve on the euphemistically titled “Engagement Facilitating Team.”

It was one of a number of suggestions made by tax hike specialists Unicom-ARC out of St. Louis. Here is what the MCC board hired the firm to do.

The “Engagement Facilitating Team” is a group whose real purpose is to prepare the way for a college district tax hike referendum.

Here is what President Walt Packard handed out to board members:

Health Care

Denise Eesley, Centegra
Angela McAuley, Centegra Senior VP Women’s Health


Linnea Kooistra
Ken Book
John Pihl
Harry Alten
Mel Von Bergen


John Cain, Scot Forge
Sandra Pierce, Phoenix Woodworking


Jim/Cheryl Wormley [Cheryl is the Woodstock Independent’s publisher)
Bob Seegers, Jr.
Mike Splitt
Luke Lohmeyer
Jack Porter


Charie Zanck, American Community Bank
Tom Quinn, American Community Bank
Bob Cormier, Jr., Home State Bank
Maggie Rivera, Home State Bank
Steven Slack, Home State Bank

School Districts

Joe Williams, Regional Superintendent’s Office
Ellyn Wreszki, District 200
Jill Hawk, District 155
Dan Bertrand, District 154


Lauri Olson, Richmond Village President
Randy Donley, County Board
Sandra Salgado, County Board
Anna May Miller, County Board
Donna Schaefer, McHenry Township Supervisor
Bob Pierce, Dorr Township Supervisor
Jim Heisler, County Board
Ed Dvorak, County Board
Rich Mack, Ringwood Village President

Governmental Entities

Ron Salgado, State’s Attorney’s Office
Pete Austin, McHenry County Administrator
Wayne Amore, McHenry Fire Chief
Derik Morefield, Deputy City Manager, Woodstock

Not for Profits

Sue Krause, Youth Service Bureau
Jane Farmer, Turning Point
Anna Bicanic Moeller, MCCG
Kate Halma, Community Foundation
Dave Barber, United Way


Monic Heydari
Dallas Schmidt
Helen Ruth
Terry Miller
Bob/Rosemary Blazier
John Jung, Jr.

College Educators

Lillian Roy, retired from MCC
Richard Wood, retired from COD [DuPage]
Verne Manke, retired from Harper

I certainly don’t know all of these folks, but none of the names pops off the page as ever having actively opposed a tax hike proposal at a referendum.

Tomorrow – Additions to the “power elite” list by MCC board members.

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The McHenry County Board members shown in the small head shots are, from left to right, Sandra Salgado, Anna May Miller, Jim Heisler and Ed Dvorak. McHenry County’s Administrator Pete Austin is just below. At the bottom is former District 47 School Superintendent and former Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Bob Blazier.

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