MCC Power Elite Add-Ons

The Monday before last, McHenry County College President Walt Packard handed out a list of people whom he wanted to recruit for the community outreach effort, as recommended by tax hike consultants Unicom-ARC, out of St. Louis.

It looks like the beginning of a tax hike referendum committee to me. I’d offer the time line in this article for your consideration. And what are we paying? Here’s the price.

There haven’t just been hired by the McHenry County College Board. The St. Charles School District has also hired the firm.

At last Thursday night’s board meeting, the list was expanded. Board members probably made most of the suggested additions.

Below are listed the new names, along with an identifying description and a town, which, I note, is not necessarily where the people live. It may represent their place of work.

  • Todd Bessey, Wayne Hummer Investments, Algonquin
  • Roger Brown, Inland Real Estate Development
  • Joe Cox, VP, J.P. Morgan/Chase, Crystal Lake
  • Dr. William Cox, Jr., McHenry County Orthopaedics, Crystal Lake
  • Cathlene Decaene, Artist, Woodstock
  • Bill Donato, Teacher, Woodstock HS
  • Chuck Ebann, Community Member, Crystal Lake
  • Jackie Eberle, Treasurer, Crystal Lake Food Pantry, Crystal Lake
  • Holly Emrich, Community Member, Crystal Lake
  • Pedro Enriques, Regional Director, Illinois Migrant Council, Harvard
  • Judge Michael W. Fetterer, Woodstock
  • Julie Gibson, Program Director, Thresholds McHenry, McHenry
  • Frances Glosson, MCC Board & Director, Community Learning Strategies/Centegra, McHenry
  • Stacia Hahn, VP Finance, Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake
  • Sean Haley, VP Regulatory Affairs, Sage Products, Crystal Lake
  • Monica Heydari, Behavioral Health Counselor, Crystal Lake
  • Pam Hoffman, MCEDE Treasurer and Associated Bank, McHenry
  • Tracy Izquierdo, Weist, Botto & Gilbert/Foundation Board, Crystal Lake
  • Cliff Jackson, Owner/Jackson Insulation & Exteriors, Crystal Lake
  • Cathy Klettke, Admin. Asst., CL Chamber of Commerce, Crystal Lake
  • Rosemary Kurtz, Retired legislator, Crystal Lake
  • Mike Nygren, Director of Marketing Communications, Sage Products, Crystal Lake
  • Ardale Pate, Distance Learning Professor, Crystal Lake
  • Don Peters, Retired, Crystal Lake
  • Marcy Piekos, Owner/Maverick Minds Consulting, Woodstock
  • Linda Pohlman, Teacher, Crystal Lake Central, Crystal Lake
  • Roger Schlies, Retired, McHenry

Under this list of new potential recruits are the names released on Monday. They are categorized, rather than being listed in alphabetically on the new list, which includes all of the following except Terry Miller, “Terry Miller.” That omission may, of course, just be a clerical error.

Health Care

  • Denise Eesley, Centegra
  • Angela McAuley, Centegra Senior VP Women’s Health


  • Linnea Kooistra, Woodstock
  • Ken Book, Harvard
  • John Pihl, Harvard
  • Harry Alten, Harvard
  • Mel Von Bergen, Hebron


  • John Cain, Scot Forge, Spring Grove
  • Sandra Pierce, Phoenix Woodworking, Woodstock


  • Jim/Cheryl Wormley [Cheryl is the Woodstock Independent’s publisher)
  • Bob Seegers, Jr., Crystal Lake
  • Mike Splitt, Crystal Lake
  • Luke Lohmeyer, Woodstock
  • Jack Porter, Woodstock


  • Charie Zanck, American Community Bank, Crystal Lake
  • Tom Quinn, American Community Bank, Crystal Lake
  • Bob Cormier, Jr., Home State Bank, Crystal Lake
  • Maggie Rivera, Home State Bank, Crystal Lake
  • Steven Slack, Home State Bank, Crystal Lake

School Districts

  • Joe Williams, Regional Superintendent’s Office
  • Ellyn Wreszki, District 200, Woodstock
  • Jill Hawk, District 155, Crystal Lake
  • Dan Bertrand, District 154, Marengo


  • Lauri Olson, Richmond Village President
  • Sandy Donley, County Board, Marengo
  • Sandra Salgado, County Board, McHenry
  • Anna May Miller, County Board, Cary
  • Donna Schaefer, McHenry Township Supervisor, McHenry
  • Bob Pierce, Dorr Township Supervisor, Woodstock
  • Jim Heisler, County Board, Crystal Lake
  • Ed Dvorak, County Board, Crystal Lake
  • Rich Mack, Ringwood Village President

<Governmental Entities

  • Ron Salgado, State’s Attorney’s Office, McHenry
  • Pete Austin, McHenry County Administrator, Woodstock
  • Wayne Amore, McHenry Fire Chief, McHenry
  • Derik Morefield, Deputy City Manager, Woodstock

Not for Profits

  • Sue Krause, Youth Service Bureau, Woodstock
  • Jane Farmer, Turning Point, Woodstock
  • Anna Bicanic Moeller, McHenry County Council of Govts, Crystal Lake
  • Kate Halma, Community Foundation
  • Dave Barber, United Way, McHenry


  • Monic Heydari, Crystal Lake
  • Dallas Schmidt,Woodstock
  • Helen Ruth, Huntley
  • Terry Miller
  • Bob/Rosemary Blazier, Crystal Lake
  • John Jung, Jr., Woodstock

College Educators

  • Lillian Roy, retired from MCC, Cary
  • Richard Wood, retired from COD [DuPage], Huntley
  • Verne Manke, retired from Harper, McHenry

= = = = =
McHenry County College Board member Frances is seen on top. Below is retired State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz. Centegra’s McHenry Hospital is next. McHenry County College as seen from the northeast on a cold January day is seen directly below. The new Woodstock High School is next. McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s Chief Investigator Ron Salgado is the lowest photo.

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