Mike Tryon Comments on Pat Quinn’s Ascension to Power

Here is a letter to constituents from Crystal Lake State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Rep. Tryon: Senate Trial Removes Governor from Office

Yesterday, the Illinois Senate took a historic vote to remove Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich from office. After a week-long impeachment trial, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to convict and remove the Governor based on a pattern of abuse of power, as well as federal criminal corruption charges that led to the Governor’s arrest on December 9.

As you know, I have been an outspoken opponent of the Governor and voted for his impeachment in the Illinois House prior to the Senate trial.

With Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald presiding, the Senate heard testimony from FBI agent Daniel Cain regarding the criminal affidavit and the positive voice identification of Governor Blagojevich on the FBI’s recorded phone calls.

The criminal affidavit includes allegations that the Governor attempted to sell the vacant U.S. Senate seat of President Obama; tried to withhold money for Children’s Memorial Hospital as leverage for a campaign contribution; bribed the Chicago Tribune Company; and orchestrated several pay-to-play schemes. Among the pay-to-play schemes, the Senate also listened to FBI tape recordings of the Governor discussing a possible shakedown of a horse racing official.

The people of Illinois deserve to be served by a leader who is committed to making Illinois better, not getting rich at the taxpayers’ expense. Governor Blagojevich has demonstrated a complete disregard for the rule of the law, and disrespect for the 13 million people who live in Illinois.

Though he did present closing arguments on his behalf, Governor Blagojevich refused to participate in the Senate’s impeachment trial, calling it unfair and biased. Instead, he launched a national media tour to claim his innocence.

The Governor’s television antics were embarrassing.

While claiming the impeachment trial was fixed, he failed to provide any evidence to prove his innocence. The Senate’s vote to remove the Governor from office puts an end to his games and allows the General Assembly to focus on the real issues affecting this state.

As a leading advocate for transparency in state spending, I believe pay-to-play must be eliminated in Illinois once and for all.

This year, I will continue to introduce legislation that will hold public officials accountable for state spending and put Illinois’ check books on public display.

Backdoor deals have no room in Illinois government.

With Blagojevich no longer involved, lawmakers can focus on the budget deficit; paying our bills on time; and helping curb Illinois’ record-high unemployment.

Lt. Governor Patrick Quinn takes over as Governor.

I will keep you posted on issues affecting the state. Please do not hesitate to contact my office at (815) 459-6453.

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Mike Tryon can be seen in the upper part of the article. Pat Quinn giving his first speech at the bottom.

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