Cary Grade School Ballot

Six people are running for the Cary School Board, five for the three 4-year vacancies and one of the 2-year.

Guaranteed to win a seat is 2-year candidate Vicki Pesch, who is not now a board member.

For the 4-year terms the candidates will be in the following order:

  • Chris Spoerl (challenger)
  • Chris Jenner (incumbent, elected 2005)
  • Craig Loew (incumbent, elected 2005)
  • Dave Ruelle (incumbent, elected 2005)
  • Julie Jette (incumbent, appointed 2008)

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The only school board member for which I have a photo is Chris Jenner. I took this one while he was fighting the Route 14 Tax Increment Financing district at village hall. TIF districts are a way for cities and villages to take money from increased real estate assessments that otherwise would go to lessen tax bills for all other taxpayers.l

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