Message of the Day – Feathers

I saw these feathers hanging below a patrol name.

Actually it was a creation hanging in the building where the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake’s Cub Scout Pack 158 held its winter camp out, which, mercifully, was inside.

It wasn’t exactly a banner. In fact, I don’t know what to call it.

A patrol from the Northwest Suburban Boy Scout Council, which owns Camp Lakota northwest of Woodstock, hung these feathers below its name.

I guess it could be called a sign, but Boy Scouts probably have another name for it.


Message of the Day – Feathers — 3 Comments

  1. You were close Cal, but it’s the Northwest Suburban Council, Boy Scouts of America. Feel free to browse their website-
    The council also operates Camp Napowan in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. As for the sign, I do not know the technical name.

  2. You have an Eagle project for Lakota.

    The building needs insulating along the first floor baseboard and the door on the northwest corner where we slept.

    I’ll make the correction. Thanks.

  3. Luckily for the community (but unlucky for the BSA), Eagle projects are used to benefit the public community. Scout service projects and Order of the Arrow projects normally teach service and also do repairs to council facilities. As for the insulation, I know the council has a lot going on its plate right now. Lakota recently had a new pool installed as well as some other renovations, in addition to the capital campaign gains and Boy Scout camp additions!

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