Wind Power Not Making a Dent in Illinois

My windmill watcher has reminded me of the following fact:

Commonwealth Edison gets less than 1% of its electricity from wind.

In fact, the twelve-month summary from Com Ed shows ZERO from wind. (Click to enlarge the table or the pie chart below.)

Here’s a pie chart that tells the tale:

According to a ICC resolution adopted in Jul 2007 “…Renewable Portfolio Standard should be set as follows:

  • 2% of the bundled retail load should be obtained from renewable energy resources as defined below in 2007,
  • 3% in 2008
  • 4% in 2009
  • 5% in 2010
  • 6% in 2011
  • 7% in 2012
  • 8% in 2013

Looks like Com Ed is at 2%–1% biomass and 1% hydro.

The law says Illinois wind first. There isn’t enough to meet that criteria of 4%. They have to make up the difference by purchasing

An article in Springfield’s State Journal-Register about a new wind farm on I-55 near Lincoln says,

“Illinois gets less than 2 percent of its electricity from wind.”

Does this sound like something our new governor, Pat Quinn will promote or what?

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