Blagojevich Reveals Part of Hole Card

Rod Blagojevich’s biggest hole card is what he know that he hasn’t revealed.

On Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s show the ex-governor made some allusions about quid pro quos offered by Illinois state senators.

Now, they came through intermediaries to intermediaries, but here’s what Blagojevich alleged:

“There were offers made to me that they would agree to protect my pay for two years and (provide security, if I would allow them to appoint the next United States senator.}

“I didn’t want to be a ghost state governor.

“(The offer) purportedly came from the senate leadership to emissaries.”

Hostess Van Susteren asked Blagojevich to name names.

“Why do want to protect these people? They certainly didn’t protect you?” she asked.

He did reveal he had a

“direct conversation with a certain state senator.

“I rejected it,”

Blagojevich said.

The governor mentioned two state senators in his closing argument at the impeachment trial:

  • State Senator Jimmy DeLeo and
  • State Senator Willie Delgado

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